Volunteers comprise an important part of the library’s operations and perform a variety of duties. Whether you are an adult, student or senior citizen, employed or retired, you will be a welcome addition to the library team.

There are volunteer opportunities throughout the library system, although there may not be vacancies for all positions at any given time. Volunteers must be willing to commit to a regular schedule, as well as 2-4 hours per week of volunteering.

Periodically, the library accepts court-appointed persons, with minor traffic offenses, to perform volunteer work.

To become a library volunteer, please fill out our application.

The opportunities listed below are for ages 18 and up. If you are a teen seeking to volunteer, please view our teen volunteer opportunities.

Teen Volunteer Opportunities

There are opportunities for teens ages 14+ to volunteer at all library locations. Volunteers must be willing to commit to a regular schedule, as well as at least 2-4 hours per month of volunteering.

Teen volunteers primarily work in the Youth Department and assist with program preparation and participation, organizing and shelving materials, computer sign-ups and other tasks.

To become a teen library volunteer, please fill out our application.

If you are looking for a short-term volunteer experience (1-8 hours), please contact the staff below to discuss your options. Short-term volunteer assignments are not always available. It is best to contact the library as soon as possible. Short-term volunteer assignments may be available for teens ages 12-13. Are you interested in a volunteer experience that will help you make new friends while you make the library a better place for teens? Try the Teen Library Council!
Photo of teens putting hands in a circle.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering elsewhere in the City of Glendale, visit the City Volunteering page