Automatic Renewals

We are so pleased to announce a new service for you: automatic renewals.
Beginning June 29, 2020, materials checked out to you will be automatically renewed for up to three additional checkout periods, provided there are no holds on the materials or blocks that would normally prevent renewals, such as fines, collection agency fees, overdue items, expired card, etc. After three renewals, materials must be returned. 

Magazines, Culture Passes, and Discovery and Exploration Backpacks cannot be renewed. Interlibrary loans cannot be auto-renewed. Please click here for more information about requesting a renewal for an interlibrary loan.

Renewal Notices

If the library has your email address, you will receive an email notice indicating which items were renewed and their new due dates. This email notice may include up to three sections.
  • Section One: This will include any items which did not renew, meaning they should be returned on the due date regardless of whether the notice shows renewals remaining. "Renewals Remaining" are only relevant if there is nothing preventing the items from being renewed such as holds, fines, collection agency fees, overdue items, expired card, etc.
  • Section Two: Items which were successfully auto-renewed will appear here, along with their new due dates.
  • Section Three: All other items checked out to you, including those that are overdue or due to be returned soon, will be in this portion of the notice.   
If you have any questions about whether an item was renewed or is renewable, or any other questions about auto-renewals, please contact the library immediately at 623-930-3600 so you can avoid accruing overdue fines.


Grace Period

Items are due back to the library on their due date.  However, there is a grace period of two days.  If your items are returned within two days of their due date, no fines will be charged.  Items returned three days after their due date will have all fines charged from the original due date. 


The library will attempt to notify you by email or email with an additional text when items are coming due, overdue, or are being held for you.  These notifications are a courtesy and the library is not responsible for late or non-delivery of notices.  It is your responsibility to monitor your account.  

Overdue notices are sent two weeks after an item is overdue.  Please make sure the library has your most recent contact information. 
Returns area at Foothills Branch
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